What We Do

U7BUY has gone through many attempts and evolution since our establishment.

Now, we are committed to building a professional global digital trading platform, and providing online trading services for game virtual items, game keys, and gift cards. Lucky for us, Solid support and trust from you is inspiring us all the way, which is the motivation and confidence for us to go on.

Transaction Process
Introduction of the Transaction Process

Sellers List Offer

Sellers list digital products on the platform.

Buyers Place Order

Buyers pay for the preferred product, seller gets informed to deliver by the platform.

Products Delivery

Seller delivers the products as requested, and the buyer confirms the delivery.

Transaction Complete

Transaction is completed when the buyer confirms the receipt and the payment will be released to the seller's account.

The Role that U7BUY Market Plays
Marketplace, Connection, Safety, Integration

Provide a safe and reliable trading environment, efficient and convenient trading process, and professional trading service

Build connections between buyers and sellers for digital trading, match the needs of both sides with a diverse marketplace.

Ensure the safety of virtual assets and funds safety for both sellers and buyers during the transaction.

Integrate market resources to provide users with more choices.


The main business of U7BUY is to facilitate the global transaction of game virtual items. Relying on the self-developed C2C transaction system, we provide professional customer service and offer a convenient, fast and safe game virtual currency and props trading environment for game players around the world.

U7BUY breaks the barriers of time and space, connecting gamers around the world as a whole. Making it possible for game players to have an advanced experience of trading in-game items and communicating while enjoying the game as well.


U7BUYKEY is launched in 2022 providing all types of game keys and gift cards with automatic delivery process.

We have integrated multiple major sources of authorized gift card publishers around the world. The products consist of game keys such as Steam, Origin, and gift cards such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, etc. The types of the products cover entertainment, life, leisure, office and other fields.

U7BUYKEY adheres to the principle of full-category, highly automated operation, expanding the categories and options of digital products.

NFT Trading Platform
In 2021, the cumulative turnover of the global NFT market has exceeded 10 billion US dollars,
with more than half of the total value of the Top 5 historical NFT projects.
The projects include collectibles, game assets, virtual worlds, encrypted artworks and other types.
U7BUY is stepping into the field of NFT and building a customized NFT trading platform for gamers who love sports competition.